Aaron Mazarati is a bona fide triple threat artist, Label CEO, and publishing owner who is taking the music industry by storm. He’s already had music featured on two Universal Studios Films and performances at many of LA’s iconic venues. He is definitely one to watch as he embarks on the next step in his career.
Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, his grandmother taught him at an early age that music is the ultimate form of expression. Through her early teachings of expression in rhythm, he accessed his desire to immerse himself into music. Whether it was talent shows at school, church band & choir, or creating numerous bands, Aaron was destined to display his performance as an influential artist.

At the age of 14, his dear grandmother was terribly taken from him and his family. To cope with the devastating loss, Aaron took on an interest in poetic expression as his method of therapy. Poetry, alongside his grandmother’s belief in him ultimately led to his passion and skill in creative writing. In addition to his love for music, Aaron Mazarati is also highly passionate in advertising copywriting and that fascination comes directly from how advertising concepts tap into people’s subconscious in an almost identical way as music does. This inherited passion propelled him to a degree in Journalism/Advertising from the University of Oregon. It was there in college he discovered his piles of unique writings easily converted to song prose.

As a dedicated musician, Aaron is involved in all aspects of the creative process. He takes an active role in the production process and writes his every single lyric. Drawing his inspiration from deep musical meditation, Aaron allows himself to enter his subconscious and draw in a richer essence of his life and all its experiences. Watching his process is a truly unbelievable sight. Mazarati is and always has been inspired by East Coast Hip-Hop origins without limiting himself from other beautiful creators such as The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Nirvana and on.

At first it might be a little difficult to categorize Aaron’s sound, which is exactly the beauty in it. When asked, Aaron describes it as “a big pot of everything, just like the U.S.”, meaning it’s a melodic mix of Rap, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Electronic, Drum & Bass, Soft Rock, R&B, Classic Rock, Classical, Grunge, Latin, and Country. Elements of every single one of these genres can be found inside his projects. Ultimately, Aaron Mazarati has clearly created a distinctive sound beyond his predecessors.

2017 is his breakout year, as he is set to release his best-to-date album,“Black Tees x Blue Jeans” and immediately go on a West Coast University tour. The album was influenced by the life of Californication’s lead character, ‘Hank Moody’, due to the fact that Aaron Mazarati and Hank are both exceptional writers in the midst of LA’s dark beauty and the craziness that comes with. The album most definitely showcases Aaron’s development as a songwriter and artist, which has been built upon his three EPs, three mixtapes, plus countless collaborations. Aaron Mazarati has his foot in the industry door and he’s about to kick it in.